Energy drawn from the sun is the most environment friendly method of energy consumption. You can use it without having a feeling of guilt of causing damage to the ecology in any way. Renewable, cost effective and environment friendly - that's the combination that makes SOLAR WATER HEATER the ideal source of energy for varied purpose. While all other sources of energy exploit the nature or its resources in some way or the other, solar energy is the gift from nature itself. Water heating for your energy requirements using solar energy is also like making a statement, of your concern for mother nature.
SUN GOLD EVACUATED GLASS TUBE SOLAR WATER HEATER is the best product among such category for water heating purpose and having backup of SunGold Enterprise, one of the fast growing Indian company in energy saving products.
Salient Features of Sun Gold Solar
Environment Friendly Light & Compact Assemble Easily
Safe Use is Assured No Accidental Risk
Save important energy like Electricity and Gas
Pay back your investment in just 18 to 24 month
Can be Fit without overhead Tank also.
Design as per International Standard
Hard Water Can be Hot easily
Information about Evacuated Glass Tube
The evacuated glass tube are made of high quality BORON SILICON glass. It can endure 0.6 MPa pressure and the hail which is smaller than 25mm. The absorption is boosted by a Nitrogen and Aluminum solution sputtered in the space  between the two pipes. The rate of Absorbing is more than 0.92. The tube exist in two different diameters: 47mm - 1500mm and 58mm - 1800mm. The rate of vacuum between the pipes is below 5*10-3Pa, which is the best rate currently available for evacuated tube. The average pressure available in the market is 5*10-2Pa. Our products use as high quality Silicon watertight joint to airproof the vacuum tube and  the tank, which prevent the water from leaking for at least 15 years.





Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Water Heater

Technical Detail of Evacuated Glass Tube
Model Tape 58
Length 1800
Outer Tube Diameter 58mm
Inner Tube Diameter 47mm
Glass Thickness 1.6mm
Thermal Expansion 3.3x10-6 oC
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive Coating AL/N/AL
Absorption Coefficient >90%
Emission Coefficient <10%
Vacuum P<5x10-2 Pa
Stagnation Temperature >200oC
Net Weight 2.20kg
Storage tank capacity for the system will be provided. The material for the tank will be Stainless Steel Sheet of S.S. 304 Grade manufactured as per NMES specification. It would be designed specifically for the system proposed taking care of thermal stratification for maximum efficiency. The tank will be insulated for conservation of the heat energy with 100mm glass wool (Specifically above 500 ltr. tank), 48 kg/cu. Meter density of Puf with 50mm. (Specifically uptp 500 ltr. tank) Both are cladded with 26 swage galvanize coated sheet for domestic system.
Also, we manufactured 50mm Puf insulated Plastic Tank in size 200 & 300 liter with cladded galvanize coated sheet & we also provide MS tank as per requirement with cladded galvanize coated sheet.
Supporting structure for collectors and storage tank will be fabricated with Aluminum alloy sections. Tank stand fabricated with Aluminum alloy sections for upto 300 liter tank and system having more than 300 liter capacity, MS structural sections with epoxy coating will be used.
For the execution of the project in your premises, you are requested to provide the following.


Free access to the place of installation and utilities.
2. Cold water tank at sufficient height to provide enough head for the system.
3. Cold water supply should be soft and potable as otherwise water chemistry should be determined.
4. The collector should be suitably oriented and placed on rigid support structure using MS structural material and should be given some kind of corrosion protection by proper epoxy coating and painting.